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Aerial Array is a technology company specializing in software development and geographic data collection using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

We employ the latest in Unmanned Systems to collect data including multi-rotor UAS for precise 3D capture and fixed-wing aircraft to cover large parcels of land for all types of mapping. A single, fixed-wing drone can capture hundreds of acres in a 100-minute flight. Aerial Array systems leverage the best in ground data collection using commercial grade laser scanners and traditional surveying techniques.

We are currently finishing development of our first product in the Aerial Array suite of software. This all-in-one solution sold a Software as a Service (SaaS) will provide advanced reporting, 3d mapping, and automated volumetric. This solution will be a game changer in the ground-based and aerial surveying industries. Aerial Array teams are currently using this technology in our customer surveys and we can not wait to provide it to the public in coming months.

Aerial Array is a subsidiary of Elevated Element, a recognized leader in UAS design and aerial photography. Their work has been featured in National Geographic, ABC, CBS, NPR, the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post.


The Aerial Array team has years of experience in UAV solutions, mapping, 3D imaging, and enterprise software development. Our multi-discipline approach ensures that experts from all fields work collaboratively to produce the highest quality product and seamless experience for our customers.

Our Services Include

Aerial Imaging

Our talented team of pilots specialize in using various UAV aircraft to collect image data sets for a wide variety of clients. Most notably, construction site and materials analysis, large scale commercial land surveying, and aerial photography for marketing and communications initiatives. We maintain a 333 FAA exemption and are fully licensed and bonded.

Data Processing

Through the use of proprietary processes and cutting edge 3D imaging software along with our team of premier designers, we are able to analyze collected aerial data and produce a range of high quality, detailed information reports (Deliverables). These include: Materials stock pile inventory measures, various land grades and topography analyses, high resolution 2d/3d maps with mesh overlays along with traditional land survey reports.

Software Development

We are currently in the processing of developing imaging analysis software and applications that will enable companies and UAV pilots to collect aerial data and have it processed in a high quality, efficient manner without having to learn and invest in costly imaging and modeling software. We also have the capability of writing and integrating software and applications that are customized towards the imaging and data processing needs of an individual client.



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